Technical office

SAMARREDA | Technical office
to produce custom-made furniture

A team at your service

Technical office: we take care of every stage of processing within the construction site with the utmost professionalism, from the development of project to final delivery of order.


Alongside the professionals

SAMARREDA is aimed at technical firms, architects, interior designers, construction companies that require operational support and maximum reliability both in the development phase of the project and on the construction site. With us, the customer finds concrete answers, certain timing, excellent results.

Between art and craftsmanship

“Craftsmanship is art, mastery. The art of a musician, for example, as well as for a craftsman, is the ability to achieve what we set out to achieve. It is an important question … which thus becomes both a manual and an intellectual art. The recovery of craftsmanship, of mastery, lies in giving people an active role in the face of technology. “