Artigiani da tre generazioni: la nostra storia e famiglia

In 1966 Giulio Bocini with his sons Giovanni and Fabio opened a carpentry shop in Prato specializing in the production of furniture. For three generations, our family has been working with wood in all its forms. In fact, the love for essences, the attention to detail in every creation, the will to follow technological evolution while keeping our passion intact allowed us to grow over these 50 years. Thus, SAMARREDA is a team of women and men who have been working together since 1966, with carefully developed craft skills. Quality and reliability guaranteed. Professionals and craftsmen who started working the material with passion and precision from an early age.

From our land, our artisans

SAMARREDA is opened to new trends and has treasured the craft skills of those who moved to Prato during the years of the economic boom: there are young apprentices who started in our workshop and are now established craftsmen.

Investing in development and training of professionalism requires constant commitment and strong motivation, and it is the only way that SAMARREDA can guarantee business evolution.


We hand on the artisan passion

Tuscan style: the art of working wood and the manual skill that the staff expresses during each processing phase is one of our strengths.

SAMARREDA is a unique team of people passionate about the art of wood that combines Tuscan taste and genius.