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Furniture Production

Artisan know-how

Realizzazione arredo su misura da tre generazioni.


The company

SAMARREDA was founded in 1966 as an artisan company. Thanks to multiple experiences and collaborations with professionals in the sector, the company experienced continuous growth and development in a few years, adapting its production structure, creating a commercial division and a technical staff capable of operating in the sector of tailor-made supplies.

Today the SAMARREDA business has taken on an international dimension to offer excellent answers to the requests of new market niches in the sector of “custom made” supplies.

Our company is constantly growing and capable of creating quality spaces, taking care of every design aspect in the smallest details, and subsequently monitoring the various construction sites.

We create bespoke environments of value

Passion, commitment, and craftsmanship skills, supported using the latest generation technologies, allow us to create exclusive furnishings in the sign of the most authentic Made in Italy. We create fine furnishings for every type of setting, from private residences to accommodation facilities, from restaurants to the most exclusive shops.


Our hands, our creative intelligence

“In English there is no difference between art and craft. For this reason, craftsmanship is art, mastery. The art of the musician, for example, as well as for the craftsman, is the ability to achieve what we set out to achieve. It is an important issue … which thus becomes both a manual and an intellectual art. The recovery of craftsmanship, of mastery, lies in giving people an active role in the face of technology.” (Richard Sennett)

Our hands take care of our customers’ projects, who strive to achieve what they want. Our thinking hands that make every detail, think it, design it, make it guided by artisan knowledge. The quality and uniqueness of the product are the aim of our work.


A story of true craftsmen